Erotic Doubles Experience With Bryon Rhodes 1 Night Only

We have a erotic thrill in store for those who seek Ultimate, Pleasure and Satisfaction.
A fulfilling doubles booking with a special guest Bryon Rhodes and one of our very own five-star ladies for a passionate duo.

Enjoy this rare partnership with Bryon Rhodes and Langtrees Canberra.

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7 Erotic Lingerie Pieces to Make Sex Hotter Than Ever

Image Source: Cruisefashion

Do erotic lingerie pieces come to your mind when you think of the movie Fifty Shades of Grey? Well, erotic lingerie pieces are much more than that! They have bold designs that are extremely provocative, push the boundaries of standard lingerie and are edgy in the sexiest way. read more… “7 Erotic Lingerie Pieces to Make Sex Hotter Than Ever”


As a high class escort, I have to say I am pretty open minded. I’ve had clients ask to me wear red latex, bark like a Jack Russell (yes they specified the dog breed) and kick them with my stilettos. I’ve had men sob on my shoulder, confess to me things they ‘would never tell anyone else’ and I’ve seen and done plenty of things I am certainly not going to name here. read more… “SUGAR BABES AIN’T SO SWEET”

Why men hire escorts

If you ask your friends if they have ever hired a Canberra escort then you may be surprised by how many will openly say that they have. Over 15% of Australian men have used an escort read more… “Why men hire escorts”

Getting over your divorce with a Canberra escort

For many men who finally get divorced, the first priority is to re-experience some of the physical intimacy that may have been lacking in their marriage.
Here are a few reasons why visiting an escort can be preferable to starting dating straight after your divorce. read more… “Getting over your divorce with a Canberra escort”

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