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Getting over your divorce with a Canberra escort

For many men who finally get divorced, the first priority is to re-experience some of the physical intimacy that may have been lacking in their marriage.
Here are a few reasons why visiting an escort can be preferable to starting dating straight after your divorce. read more… “Getting over your divorce with a Canberra escort”

Exploring your desires with an escort

Each and every one of us is different when it comes to our sexual likes and dislikes, but due to societal taboos it can be easy to think we should all want the same things.When you are with a romantic partner it can be challenging and embarrassing to express your innermost desires. Sometimes, you might not even know what those desires are because you have never taken the time to explore what really turns you on. An escort service is a great way to try new things with a partner that will not judge you, and can make you feel more comfortable with your own body and needs. read more… “Exploring your desires with an escort”

Top 4 mental benefits of sex

As you probably already know, sex is fantastic for your physical health. But do you know that sex has many benefits for your mental and emotional health, as well? The next time you visit our Canberra brothel to hire an escort, you’ll get much more than just a good time.

Here are the top four reasons regular sex is good for your mental health. read more… “Top 4 mental benefits of sex”

Three tips for choosing the perfect companion for your evening

Every single one of us harbour many desires that are deeply intimate and individual. Before you select a stunning escort for your evening in Canberra, take the time to consider yourself; what do you as an individual truly yearn for? What kind of sensuality do you really crave? What qualities do you find to be the most enticing in a companion?

Here are three thoughts to guide your decision on which exquisite beauty you might select to spend your precious time with. read more… “Three tips for choosing the perfect companion for your evening”

5 things you didn’t know about escorts

Escorts are very different to prostitutes and there is a lot that you probably don’t know about them unless you’re a regular.

Escort services restrict their hires to attractive and clean women and the clients tend to be more discerning gentlemen too. Escorting services usually also include dinner and drinks in addition to or in lieu of sexual services. Here we explore the things you didn’t know about Canberra escorts. read more… “5 things you didn’t know about escorts”

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