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Why men hire escorts

If you ask your friends if they have ever hired a Canberra escort then you may be surprised by how many will openly say that they have. Over 15% of Australian men have used an escort and there are plenty of reasons why they do. Here we explore why men decide to visit Canberra escorts in licensed gentlemen’s clubs.

Men want hotter women

When hiring a Canberra escort you can spend time with much hotter women than you may otherwise be able to attain. With women from Australia and Europe, men can also enjoy a much wider selection of beautiful women than may normally be open to them.

Men want to be in control

In relationships men often feel that they lose some control, but when you are spending time with a Canberra escort you can get exactly what you want. The act of paying for the time gives men more confidence to ask for what they want and they know that they will be able to get it. Conversely, some men may also use this opportunity to sacrifice control completely and let the escort take charge.

Men want to indulge in fantasy

All men have some ‘kinky‘ desires that may not be fulfilled in a relationship. Some desires may not be something to indulge in at home, but they are still desires in the minds of men. With Canberra escorts there is no need to pussy-foot around. Instead you can ask for what you want and there is no need to be embarrassed or ashamed about fulfilling your desires.

Men want the quickest route to sex

In some cases men just want to find the quickest route to having sex. This basic need can be hard to fulfil sometimes and some men just don’t have the gift with the ladies. Instead of spending time in bars trying and failing to find a partner, Canberra escorts make the whole process a lot easier and simpler to achieve.

Men don’t want complications

In any relationship there are strings attached, obligations and certain rules you have to follow. For some men these are just too much and they want something simpler with no complications.


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