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Guide to Your First Escort Booking

So, you’re finally ready to take the plunge. Don’t worry; there’s no need to stress. With an escort, you’re certain to have an exciting evening you will never forget. We’ve done the legwork for you to make your first booking, and an evening with an escort an absolute breeze.

#1 Do your research

If you’re like most people, a standard, everyday experience isn’t your speed. For a truly memorable night, we recommend opting for something unique. Whether you want to roleplay, have sex, or an intimate girlfriend encounter, we have the perfect person for you. We can help you filter through the extensive range of Canberra escorts to find your ideal companion for the night.

#2 Always be respectful

The best way to help our providers help you is by being respectful. We advise you to be clear and upfront about the service you are seeking. And, always remember, first impressions are everything. So, ambiguous messages such as: “hi,” “wot do u charge?” and “hey, sexy,” simply do not cut it. And why is that? It’s poor grammar, uninformative and downright rude. In all communications, address your provider by their given name, and perhaps provide a little personal information of your own (i.e. your line of work, etc.).

#3 COVID changes

COVID-19 has changed life drastically, including the escorting business. During these uncertain times, it’s essential to be careful. This means you need to be mindful of your and your provider’s safety. Allow your provider to inform you of any protocol changes and let them know if you’ve been potentially exposed to COVID.

#4 Pay upfront

While easily forgotten, this is essential. For all escort services, it’s standard practice to provide full payment upon meeting. If not, do not expect an appointment to continue as planned. And, if meeting in a public place, use discretion when paying your provider. We suggest placing it in a card or gift bag.

#5 Be punctual

Always remember, being on time is absolutely essential. If a situation comes up and you need to cancel your appointment, ensure you give your escort plenty of notice. And, do not ghost them. Be mindful that if you don’t give notice, you’re wasting their valuable time. Also, they may have lost a lot of money due to your cancellation.

And, the timing of your message before an appointment is critical. Ensure you give them enough time to tend to personal responsibilities and get ready. If so, you’ll both have a pleasant evening of adult entertainment.

For more helpful tips on making your first escort booking, call or email Langtrees of Canberra today.

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