The etiquette of using an escort

There is a certain set of often unspoken rules when you are hiring an escort and you should always be sure to follow them for the safety and enjoyment of everyone involved. Here we explore the unspoken rules you should follow with your Canberra companion so that you can both have a great time:

Be nice to them

Remember that you are hiring a professional so you should treat them as such. You will get better results from your Canberra escort if you treat them nicely and they will be able to fulfil your desires more effectively if they feel at ease.

Check the rates and details before you make contact

Be sure to compare rates online but wait until you’ve decided you’re genuinely interested before you make contact with a Canberra adult club so as to get maximum enjoyment from your evening. If you’re uncertain then you should make up your mind before you solicit the services of Canberra escorts.

Never try to haggle

Haggling is rude and you wouldn’t expect it if someone was buying your own expertise. Canberra companion charges are put in place for a professional service and if you feel they are too high then it might be best to look elsewhere.

Clean up before and after

Ensuring that you are clean and hygienic before you attend a Canberra brothel is important. You should wash, brush your teeth and make yourself presentable. Your Canberra escort will be far more likely to get erotic and adventurous with you if you are on top of your personal hygiene.

Hold off on the alcohol

While you may think that getting drunk will help your staying power it is more likely to stop you from reaching orgasm at all. A gin and tonic or brandy to calm the nerves is all good, but ten bottles of beer is only going to make things worse. Ensure you are sober and focused and you’ll have a far better time in our Canberra brothel.

Practice safe sex

You should always practice safe sex for the protection of our Canberra escorts and for your own protection. Unprotected sex is not allowed and will not be performed so don’t ask for it.

Have payment ready

Be prepared to pay in cash for the services you are after so this part of the experience is hassle-free. You don’t want to struggle to pay and spoil the mood; meanwhile, your Canberra escort will help to skip through this part without any awkwardness if you are ready.

Enjoy yourself

A visit to our Canberra adult club will offer you a great time that you will enjoy, so relax and have a good time!

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