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5 things you didn’t know about escorts

Escorts are very different to prostitutes and there is a lot that you probably don’t know about them unless you’re a regular.

Escort services restrict their hires to attractive and clean women and the clients tend to be more discerning gentlemen too. Escorting services usually also include dinner and drinks in addition to or in lieu of sexual services. Here we explore the things you didn’t know about Canberra escorts. read more… “5 things you didn’t know about escorts”

The etiquette of using an escort

There is a certain set of often unspoken rules when you are hiring an escort and you should always be sure to follow them for the safety and enjoyment of everyone involved. read more… “The etiquette of using an escort”

Four Tips for Your First Visit to a Gentlemen’s Club

Visiting a gentlemen’s club is an important rite of passage in any man’s life. And what better place to start than Langtrees VIP Canberra? read more… “Four Tips for Your First Visit to a Gentlemen’s Club”

Why men hire escorts

If you ask your friends if they have ever hired a Canberra escort then you may be surprised by how many will openly say that they have. Over 15% of Australian men have used an escort read more… “Why men hire escorts”

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