Escorts Canberra – Valuable Lesson from a Local Escort in Canberra

Escorts Canberra are seen as a social option for men that are not engaged in a serious relationship. But is it really so?
According to the sex workers in Australia, it appears that many men who are indeed involved
in long term relationships or are even married spend quite consistent sums of money to enjoy their company. What is even staggering is that these men call to book experiences known as “girlfriend experiences”.

Why Men are turning to Canberra Escorts Services

What does this mean? It means that men are not enjoying support, companionship, communication, and a pleasant atmosphere at home with their girlfriends and wives. So, it is not just about sex here, but more about finding a woman that is willing to hear them out and understand them.

There are sex workers that states that most of their experiences with married man resembled very much with marital counselling, in which they are the counselors. In their opinion, this happens because these men lack intimacy with their spouses; intimacy not only referring to physical contact but also to having someone to listen to them. Men also need love, affection, and attention, which they look at getting from escorts since such things went missing in their formal relationship. These men are willing to pay the price of an escort just to have someone to talk to, enjoy dinner together, cuddle, and just share emotional intimacy moments.

Its not always about Sexual Services

Believe it or not, they do not want to have sex in most of the times. Many sex workers in Australia say that they are bedazzled by a large number of men who require such service, not only married men opting for such experiences but also young men, men in their 20s.

You may be tempted to think that men seek Canberra Escorts Services for carnal pleasure exclusively, but the reality shows a very different scenario. Men are looking to share all kinds of things with the escort which they don’t normally share with their wives. With other words, they feel more comfortable in opening up in front of an escort then in front of their lifetime partners. This only happened due to a long period in which a man was not listened or offered emotional support to his wife. Thus, they decide to choose someone else that can provide them with what they need, which has absolutely nothing to do with indulging in sex.

Men these days appear to be seeking reliable friends among female escorts, talking with them about their relationships, emotional problems, and about other aspects that cannot be discussed at home. They know that an escort will not turn them down, regardless if they want to have sex or not, they will offer privacy, discretion, comfort, and everything else they may be lacking and needing. So, dear women, you should be more careful about your men and do your best to understand them more. If not, they may end up looking for companionship and a friend to rely on among Escorts Canberra.

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